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We invite you to support the mission of the Arlington Montessori Action Committee (AMAC). Join as a voting member.

Benefits of Membership include voting rights in AMAC, special discounts to certain AMAC programs, and priority on waitlists for popular AMAC events. Annual dues are $12.00.  

AMAC yearly memberships are from October 1st through September 30th. You must should renew yearly.

Not sure if you are member? Check your membership status here.

Arlington Montessori Action Committee (AMAC) Membership Application

Pay for Your AMAC Membership

PayPal - Credit Card or Bank Transfer

Make payments using the buttons below or log into PayPal and send money directly to treasurer@arlingtonmontessori.org.  

Pay for your PayPal membership subscription by credit card or directly from your bank account. $12.00 membership dues + $.75 convenience fee. 

By Check

Please make $12.00 dues checks payable to “AMAC”.

Mail check and application to:
AMAC c/o Valentina Bulavitchi
4001 9th Street North, Apt 304
Arlington, VA 22203

Join the AMAC Listserv

AMAC invites you to join the ListServ and participate in AMAC meetings and events.


Arlington Montessori Action Committee is an organization of Montessori parents and educators whose primary goal is to promote and expand Montessori education. We are proud of our vibrant and diverse Arlington Public School Montessori program that currently serves more than 500 students.

AMAC was formed in late 2006 by several Arlington Montessori parents from different schools as a way to build community and to formalize years of Montessori advocacy. AMAC is not affiliated with any one school, but serves as a way for all Montessori advocates, public and private, to support Montessori education.

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Sep 23, 2014, 6:19 AM