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Groups increase pre-K access with innovative programs

Charlottesville Tomorrow, May 25, 2015

Charlottesville is taking steps to be the second school district in Virginia to offer public Montessori.

Arlington Public Schools Celebrates 40-Years of Montessori Education

APS News Release, June 20, 2011

Montessori students, teachers, administrators, and parents gathered on Tue, June 14 at Drew Model Elementary School to celebrate 40 years of Montessori Education and to honor the accomplishments of the Montessori program. APS community partner, Arlington Montessori Action Committee (AMAC) recognized the work of the APS Montessori staff with roses and generously supported the event with publicity and refreshments.

Arlington Public Schools Opening Up Montessori Middle School Spaces to More Students
Montessori Program at Gunston Middle School Approaching Fourth Year
APS News Release, February 16, 2011

...Gunston is currently accepting applications for its Montessori Middle School Program serving students in grades 6-8. Admission is guaranteed to all rising sixth graders matriculating from the APS Montessori Elementary program at Drew Model School. The Montessori Middle School program is now also available to middle school students with and without prior Montessori experience. Program acceptance will be made with teacher and principal approval and is based on the student’s ability to adapt to the independent learning style that the program helps students foster. Transportation will be provided.

Arlington Montessori Families Experience Nature in Camping Expedition
Sun Gazette, August 12, 2010

Roasting s’mores over a fire, catching daddy long legs (which are not really spiders, at all), sleeping in a tent, learning to fish.

They were just a few things 54 Arlington Montessori families recently experienced at a camping trip to Greenbrier State Park sponsored by the Arlington Montessori Action Committee (AMAC).

This was the third year that many of these families have come together, and the program continues to grow.

Montessori Mom Danielle Werchowsky organized the camping program, because she wanted to camp with her son and preferred to camp with other families. She posted to the AMAC listserve, and in 2008 got more than 67 people to go.

The program has grown to over 200 people this year. All the families have children in the public or private Montessori programs in Arlington. They came from Drew Model, Glebe, Jamestown, Claremont, Ashlawn, Campbell and Barrett, as well as Full Circle and Chesterbrook.

Extra Credit Education Column
The Washington Post, by Jay Mathews

Dear Extra Credit:

Drew Model Elementary School, Arlington County's public elementary Montessori program, provides solutions to two issues you have raised.

In your Aug. 27 column you said, "I long ago despaired of public schools' being capable of doing much for students way ahead of the curve." The Montessori program serves 3-year-olds to middle school-age students who master material at their own rate.

In your Aug. 31 column, you lamented schools' dependence on a nine-month calendar. Montessori is taught in three-year blocks in a multi-age classroom.

Annie Harold

Jay Mathews Responds:

Thanks for the reminder. I should have mentioned Montessori as an exception in both cases.

Arlington group brings county parents together
Public School Montessorian

Parents in the oldest public Montessori program in the U.S. are using new media to advance the district’s Montessori program.

The Arlington, VA, district, in 1970 became the first in the U.S. to offer free, public Montessori preschool, now supports 17 Primary classrooms as part of 10 schools and eight Elementary classrooms located within Drew Elementary. It also offers a middle school program. More than 550 students are part of the program.

Each school has a PTA, but until 2006, there was no collective parent voice for Montessori programming. It was then that Monique O’Grady and Karla Hagan helped to create the Arlington Montessori Action Committee (AMAC).

The group has a website and listserv, offering background and sharing information crucial to the future of Montessori education in the county’s school system. It also offers updates on events, which has proved helpful in creating a sense of community.

APS Expands Montessori Middle School Pilot Program

Growing Program Relocating to Gunston for the 2008-09 School Year

APS News Release, April 28, 2008

C. Board Says Developers Have Role in Creating Space for Preschools
by Scott McCaffrey - Sun Gazette, October 25, 2007

Not enough room for a growing number of preschool programs in Arlington? County Board members have a plan: Let developers build them.

Without taking a formal vote, board members on Oct. 13 directed County Manager Ron Carlee to encourage developers to consider adding space for preschools in new projects that come to the board for review.

APS Teachers and Senior Staff Attend Public Montessori School Conference

APS Montessori Teacher recieves National Board Certification

Congratulations to Drew teacher Carol Oakes, who received National Board Certification, an accomplishment only 89 teachers currently teaching in Arlington County have achieved.