Advocate for Montessori in Arlington

If you search "Montessori advocacy" on Google the AMAC website comes up as number one. We are proud of our progress and thankful for ongoing support. Montessori parents created the Arlington Montessori Action Committee in 2006 to advocate for Montessori education - public and private - in Arlington.

We are still working on one original goal: to secure a Montessori-trained leader in APS Central Staff. AMAC is always finding new ways to support Montessori in Arlington, including lobbying the state to support Montessori-certified teachers seeking Virginia public school credentials.

AMAC: A history of successful advocacy and promotion

  • Montessori APS Middle School Program

  • Petition with 500 signatures to add additional APS Montessori elementary classrooms

  • Additional APS Montessori primary classrooms

  • Access to SOL data test results for Montessori students

  • Montessori celebration to mark program’s 40th anniversary in Arlington

  • Creation of the Montessori Revealed video

  • Year-long Montessori Steering Committee formation and report

  • Create programs to bring teachers together – Cookie party

  • Create programs to bring families together – Montessori Picnic and Camping Trip

  • Create programs to help future families – Prospective parent reception

  • A single-focus APS Montessori school in 2019

Advocacy will always be at the core of AMAC’s mission. Advocacy can only be successful with the support of many people dedicated to the cause – parents, teachers, administrators, leaders, students, prospective families, former students and other believers. AMAC is dedicated to helping a Montessori advocates be heard.

The top 5 things you can do to advocate for a stronger Arlington Montessori Program?

  1. GET INVOLVED in AMAC: speak at a school board meeting, attend an event, volunteer in a classroom.

  2. Tell five friends to sign up for the AMAC list serve.

  3. Buy an AMAC T-shirt and show your Montessori pride. COMING SOON!

  4. Join AMAC and help us finance more outreach, support our teachers and reach more families.