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Infant/Toddler Montessori

Montessori For the Youngest Child

The absorbent mind develops quickly in the first three years of life. Children in the Infant/Toddler community learn through sensory development. This natural development is harnessed in the Montessori classroom. The teacher provides a prepared environment that supports children to become independent and confident. During this incredible time in a child’s life, the Montessori education fosters a child’s natural tendency desire to learn and do for themselves.

The Montessori Infant/Toddler environment is set up much like a home, with distinct areas for preparing food, eating, changing clothes, toileting, group activities, individual work and quiet moments.

By allowing the child to develop relationships with adults and children outside her own family, however, the Infant/Toddler Community offers opportunities beyond those typically available in a family home. Developing relationships builds social skills and helps the child understand her relationship to her community and environment. She now broadens her idea of her contribution to the world. Coming into the Infant/Toddler community, students see themselves as an individual ready for this living environment that offers opportunities for social interaction, independence, self expression, as well as small and large motor development.

Text based on material from

Chesterbrook Montessori School

and used by permission.

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