FAQ - Applying to APS Montessori

Because of the three-year cycles in Montessori education, natural entry points into the program are as a three-year-old and in first and fourth grades. Although children are accepted at other times, it is usually easier for children to enter the program at the beginning of the three-year cycle.

Applying to APS Primary Montessori

Top 10 Things To Know Before Applying to APS Primary Montessori

Top 10 Things To Know About Registering For APS Primary Montessori

Documents Needed to Register in APS

If you are enrolling your child in Arlington Public Schools for the first time (at any grade level PreK-12th grade), you will need to provide a few documents before s/he starts school:

  • Proof of the child's age and legal name - usually a birth certificate

  • Proof of current residency - Proof that the parent or legal guardian of the student lives in Arlington County, usually a lease or home purchase documents (acceptable documents include a current lease, a copy of a mortgage agreement, or a sworn affidavit from the parent/guardian showing that the student resides in Arlington)

  • Social Security Number or a Social Security Status Form

  • Official school records from another school system or country, if applicable and available

  • Medical information that includes immunization records as well as a physical examination and a tuberculosis screening done within the 12 months prior to starting school.

    • Medical information must be submitted on a Commonwealth of Virginia School Entrance Health Form

    • There is also an official form for documentation of tuberculosis screening and forms for administering medications during school.

More details can be found on the Arlington Montessori FAQ page.