Arlington Montessori Statistics

The SOL test scores presented on the APS website for Drew Model School combine both the scores for students in both the Montessori program and the traditional graded program. So the combined scores do not reflect the true test scores of either program. For some years, we have the scores pulled out for the Montessori program alone (see the links below).

How do APS Montessori students do on the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) standardized tests compared to APS as a whole? Drew Model School’s Montessori SOL scores, the County’s most diverse elementary program, mirror the county’s SOL scores as a whole.

2011 AMAC Teacher Needs Assessment Survey

The survey was open to all APS Montessori teachers. AMAC gathered information from teachers to better focus fundraising and to develop an AMAC teacher grant program to effectively meet the needs of Arlington Montessori teachers. Some quotes from teachers who completed the 2011 AMAC Teacher Needs Assessment Survey...

Question 8:

  • What do you think are the most important things AMAC can do to support you and the children in your classroom?

Some Answers from Teachers:

  • Work along side us as we continue to fine tune the Montessori program and philosophy here.

  • Host Montessori evenings for parents with speakers. Organize people to volunteer on a regular basis. Fund teacher trips to seminars, refresher courses, etc.

  • Fundraising is important. To have money available for trips and/or conferences, and/or materials is wonderful.

  • Continue advocating for the entire Montessori Program.

  • I feel supported by AMAC already.