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Dear Montessori Educators, Parents, Supporters and Inquirers...


APS Montessori at Drew is moving to its own building in 2019!

AMAC was formed in 2006 by several Arlington Montessori parents from different schools as a way to build community and to formalize years of Montessori advocacy. AMAC is not affiliated with any one school, but serves as a way for all Montessori advocates, public and private, to support Montessori education.

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  • AMAC is Building on a Great APS Foundation

    • Over 40 years ago, Arlington Public Schools was the first public school in the country to implement Montessori in its classrooms. 
    • Today, Arlington has 750 students in its public Montessori program
    • APS has 18 Preschool and Kindergarten classrooms in 7 different public elementary schools.
    • APS has 13 Montessori 1st through 5th grade classrooms (9 Lower Elementary and 4 Upper Elementary) at Drew Model School.
    • APS has 4 Montessori Middle School classrooms at Gunston Middle School. 
  • AMAC Values Private Montessori

    • AMAC works to build community with Arlington's 7 private Montessori schools.
    • Arlington's 350+ private Montessori school families are encouraged to join AMAC to take part in fun events, parent education, and local Montessori advocacy.  

    AMAC Stands Behind Arlington's 1000+ Montessori Students

    • AMAC works to support all 35 Arlington Public School Montessori classrooms and the 7 private Montessori schools in Arlington County.