Elementary Montessori

Montessori for 1st – 5th Grade

Arlington Public Schools offers a public Montessori program for children beginning at three years of age and going through Elementary and Middle School (sliding scale for PreK and free for K-8th grade). The APS Elementary Montessori program is currently housed in Drew Model School but will be moving to Patrick Henry Elementary School in the Fall of 2019 where it will run as the first standalone public Montessori program in the state of Virginia. Students not currently enrolled in Drew Model School must fill out an APS Pupil Transfer Application.

The APS Montessori application deadline is usually April 15. Details are available on the APS website.

Students will recognize some of the materials used in the primary classroom, with additions appropriate for their age.  A classroom visitor would see many different things going on at once: two children working on a poster for a class play; mats attended by a single child; a group of mixed-aged students creating a science presentation together at a table; the teacher conducting a lesson for three students. They grow at their own pace in a multi-age classroom community where they feel connected. 

Elementary Montessori Options in Arlington

Arlington offers a free stand-alone elementary school, the Montessori Public School of Arlington. This is one of the county's option schools, and any resident is able to enter the lottery for admission to this school. Full Circle Montessori is a private school that offers a Montessori elementary program in Arlington. There are also other available options in neighboring areas. 

Benefits of Elementary Montessori

Children who stay for Elementary Montessori are rewarded with a developmentally appropriate world to explore. They grow at their own pace in a multi-age classroom community where they feel connected. They spend years in the same place with the same teachers, and leave their Lower and Upper Elementary classrooms with confidence and pride.

Benefits include: